Web Design Critique: Excellence Coaches & Tours

About tours and charter transport services

Tours and charter transport services provide the clients’ tour planning which includes a list of popular places to explore, program schedules, rental services, reception of guests, and transfer services. These services are essential when one is travelling whether alone or with a group. A quality and reputable transfer service like www.excellencecoaches.com makes your travel experience fun and enjoyable without the hassles of not getting a shuttle service on time and negotiating for an affordable rental fee.

Searchability. The keywords “tours and charter transport services” provide a variety of website options in the Google search result which means more choices for a better and more accurate research.

Usability. The website is quick to use and provides the needed information you want for airport transfers and tour options. The contents of the topics of each menu are very descriptive and well written which the users can appreciate and have a vivid picture of the places being mentioned.

Navigation. The website www.excellencecoaches.com is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The menus are arranged horizontally and provide informative statements on every topic. The style of the main menus has no drop downs which a user can see at once the content of each menu. However, when you open each of the menus, it shows a complete information and narrative of the topic with colorful and attractive pictures.

Design and layout. The design and layout of www.excellencecoaches.com are simple and not complicated. It depicts the beauty of nature that’s fit for the website’s theme on transport and travel. There are basically just green, blue and white colors that make them look pleasing to the eyes. For travelers, they are most concerned about the packages and rates which are not shown on the website. This might make it more comprehensive for convenience and quick information. Overall, the website delivers a good bunch of information for travelers who need transport services.

Contents. The website which is about tours and charter transport services is filled with the essential information that a traveler wants to know when having a tour in a different place. They have a good sequence of information which are helpful to travelers.

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