Web Design Critique: Elite Tutor

When trying to make a point, sometimes the best thing to do is to be as direct as possible; no beating around the bush, no unnecessary faffing about. Elite Tutor, a Singaporean tuition agency, took this idea to heart when they made their site, combining it with a professional approach to create an online presence that’s as straightforward as can be.

The first thing that’ll people who visit the site, in the home page, are the words ‘Need a Tutor?’ in bold black text, located at the middle of the screen, followed by contact information for the tuition agency itself. It’s a bold statement that gets the firm’s purpose across; making it clear to visitors what the site is about.

The design doesn’t take away from the content, not in the slightest. Simple white background contrasted with black text, with the occasional splash of color from logos and links to Live Support, WhatsApp, and important information that’s highlighted. No big, bold images, no videos, no animations, just the content itself. Even the logo of Elite Tutor is just text, with the ‘Elite’ part highlighted in gold text, followed by the slogan, ‘The Home Tuition Specialist’.

That is, perhaps, the biggest issue the site has. It’s got this professional, simplistic, straightforward approach, but overdoes it. Learning is a very human process; educators and tutors reach out to students, helping them learn, adapting educational material to suit their needs and preferences best, especially for the latter. So the lack of humanizing element for the site does come across as a bit of a glaring flaw.

In terms of navigational tools, the site’s links to other pages, relevant external sites, and live support are always located in their respective locations on the screen, meaning that they’re always accessible to any visitors to the site. There are other links, but they link to jobs, additional contact information, privacy policy, and the site’s online agreement, which are not really things that most visitors would pay much heed to, so their stationary location at the bottom of every page isn’t a major issue.

Overall, the Elite Tutor site is well-designed, professional, and easy to work with, and its core elements are great and don’t have too many issues, though it could stand to introduce a bit of color and liveliness to itself.

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