Web Design Critique: Earthwise Hauling

In the age of the internet, every company needs proper representation online, regardless of how glamorous (or not) their services are. Junk hauling isn’t the most glamorous business, but it’s an important one, and should be easy to approach. Earthwise Hauling, and its site earthwisehauling.com, does an admirable job of that, with a nice green on white color scheme and vibrant visual aids.

The key idea with the site seems to be presenting itself to be as friendly and eco-friendly as possible, utilizing a warm color scheme and ‘soft’ text; San Serif, specifically.

The first thing that’ll stand out to anyone coming to earthwisehauling.com is the green on white color scheme; green main menu, green icons, green text, for a junk removal company that prides itself on eco-friendliness. Not very subtle, but it does get the point across nicely, while providing the site which some much needed vibrancy.

Visual media on the site also sports the same color scheme when possible, sticking to the goal of presenting an eco-friendly, and friendly in general, company. Certain elements are also interactive, with hovering logos, and changing truck diagrams, which helps provide personality and divert attention. While there is a notable amount of scrolling to be done in the pages, it’s not particularly bad due to the layout and the content itself.

The site didn’t throw away organization to achieve any of the above, with good use of bullet points, pauses, and separated sections to create a layout that’s easily digestible. Again, a good move, given that the pages do ask for a decent amount of scrolling to be done. There are no walls of text, or overly long paragraph. The site keeps its text concise, relying on the visual media to fill the gaps.

On the more technical side of things, the site’s source has a lot of links to .xml files, CSS, and Javascript, which affords it all of its navigational ease, aesthetic appeal, and organizational layout. The code itself is just as neat the actual site, with judicious use of line breaks and grouping.

Overall, earthwisehauling.com’s got a lot going for it, with good aesthetics, layout, organization, and presentation. While it does have a lot going on, it doesn’t feel overwhelming, for the most part.

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