Web Design Critique: Dynamic Business

When looking up anything relevant to, say a king kong agency review, people browsing on the internet want the information they’re looking for as quickly as possible. The average internet user doesn’t have that long of an attention span.

So, naturally, news sites have to be as straight to the point as they possibly can when it comes to delivering their articles.

Dynamic Business certainly got the message loud and clear, with a very straightforward design with a lot of white space to let people focus on articles and their accompanying images, and plenty of navigational options, for those looking for something specific like an article on a king kong agency review, or quarterly financial releases.

There’s a lot of white space in Dynamic Business’ site, which, when combined with the layout of the pages, give it a clean feel. Even the navigation feels clean and crisp, with a header that provides a bevy of options, complemented by a sidebar with specific news categories. Both of these useful elements even scroll down with the browser, being omnipresent throughout every page.

Text is presented in decently-sized paragraphs, neatly avoiding the dreaded wall of text, with images breaking them up occasionally while offering some visual aids for the text content.

It’s all very functional; too functional at times.

The logo on top of the header is just the words “Dynamic Business” in bold font, and the main menu is separated from the actual body of content by a thin line and a light shadow effect. The sidebar, meanwhile, doesn’t have anything to visually distinguish it from the content, other than some empty white space, which the site already has in abundance.

Overall, there’s nothing visually noteworthy about Dynamic Business, and that, in and of itself, is noteworthy. There’s no unique feel, no brand identity, no personality. It’s very useful, make no mistake, but a bit of presentation can’t hurt.

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