Web Design Critique: They Draw And Travel

Theydrawandtravel.com is a website that is dedicated in showcasing illustrated maps from all over the globe. The artists are free to contribute their work on the website’s database. The website is considered to have the largest collection of illustrated maps on the internet. The founders of the website are Salli S. Swindell and Nate Padavick who are siblings. They are a team when it comes to design and illustration thus known as Studio SSS.

Upon visiting the website’s Search page, theydrawandtravel.com, one will be faced with the page asking “Where do you want to go?” There is a dropdown menu to choose the Regions where you want to see the illustrated maps including East and West Europe, North, Central and South America, East, Southeast and South Asia, Middle East, Australia or South Pacific, Caribbean, Antarctica, Africa and even Fantasy land.

There are also options for the “vibes” of the illustrated map you want such as artsy, adventurous, touristy, beachy, outdoorsy, historic, small town, eating and drinking, shopping, relaxing, festive, sweet, too fun and conceptual. Illustration style includes fresh and hip, fun and funky, sweet and cute and traditional and classic. If you know of any artist then you can type in the name as well and other keywords that you are looking for in an illustrated map.

Once you click Find It!, you will be shown below the list of illustrated maps that match your preference. You can also explore the website with the navigation bar located at the upper left which consists of the following pages – Home, Find A Map, Submit a Map, Mapmakers for Hire, Map, Shop, Collaborate, About and My Faves.

Overall, the website has a very minimalistic style considering that the page will mostly showcase fun and colorful artworks and map illustrations. The color palette used is very cool to the eye and the details are not overwhelming. The navigation menu makes the site very user-friendly and easy to navigate with. There fonts used are fun and simple which makes it easy to read and browse around. The loading time of each page is also very fast despite the fact that it contains a lot of images and illustrated maps.

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