Web Design Critique: Chalisavillaskohtao.com

Koh Tao is an island where you can find beach villa in Thailand and perfect white sand beaches. It is one of the best scuba diving destinations in Thailand because of its clear waters, vibrant coral reefs and colourful sea creatures. There are lots of restaurants and night life destinations for those who prefer a different kind of entertainment.

First impression

Koh Tao means “turtle island”. It certainly explains why the web designer chose an image of a turtle for the slideshow on the homepage. The images on the slideshow have been chosen well because they provide users with a brief glimpse on what to expect when they travel to Koh Tao. The location can encourage travellers who are looking for a quiet place to relax and de-stress. Web design is simple with a generous use of white space and but its simplicity is captivating.


Since it is very likely that the theme of the website is simplicity, the way the navigation menu has been design complements the theme. The red link that says “online booking” makes it easy for a user to immediately book through the website. The navigation menu is simple and yet familiar and tends to do better than the over complicated navigation designs which are preferred for bigger sites with lots of content. Users want everything simple so that they can immediately make a decision. Users who want more information can easily click on the links in the navigation menu which is consistent throughout the pages.


Content has been divided into digestible bites to avoid overwhelming a user. However, text is too small to be read comfortably. There is lots of unused space on the sides and it won’t hurt to make use of it so that content will be easier to read and understand. Meanwhile, there is no clutter that can distract the attention of a visitor. The use of testimonials on the homepage is a good trick. You will notice the reviews are also current and available in Trip Advisor. The subpages are pretty informative with quality images shown on the slideshow to catch the attention of visitors looking for a quiet destination in Thailand.

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