Web Design Critique: Catalyst Event Solutions

About Catalyst Event Solutions

The leading event management company based in Sydney is Catalyst Event Solutions and the company specializes in organizing corporate event regardless of how big or small. Everything is handled by the company from registration management to the actual day of the event. The company can manage events locally in Sydney or even destination weddings in other parts of the globe.

Search Engine Result. When searching Google browser using the keywords “Sydney event organizer”, the website of Catalyst Event Solutions was shown at the first page of the search result which is a good thing. It only needs a little push in the search engine optimization department in order to increase its ranking result to the very top.

Usability. The website is easy to use and understand. All the links are working and the pages are also loading as fast as expected. A stable website is necessary for an event organizer company because it will boost the confidence of the customers visiting the website.

Navigation. The website is quite easy to navigate around. There are menu options at the top of the page while contact information is provided at the most top part of the page. There is no possibility of getting confused because everything is already laid out in front.

Design. The website’s design is obviously simple and it only boasts of a plain, white background. The colour scheme used all throughout the website is the same as the colours on the logo of the company. There are no distracting pop-ups or advertisements that play while browsing the website which is a great relief. The homepage of the website is simple and gets straight to the point.

Content. The content of the Catalyst Event Solutions website is just the right amount. There is no information overload. There is a short introduction as to what the company does and a background of how it came to be. There are no other texts that could crowd or overwhelm the site. There is a call-to-action button at the right side of the window that remains on side and follows as the user scrolls down the page.


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