Web Design Critique: Budget Tyres Southport

About Budget Tyres Southport

Budget Tyres Southport is aspecialty shop selling every brand of tyreson the Gold Coast available in the market including Dunlop, Michelin, Hankook and Bridgestone. They have brand new items as well as second hand ones. The company is based in Egerton Street, Southport and can be found at www.budgettyressouthport.com. Today we are going to critique its online e-commerce store.

Image Sizes

The site is pretty straightforward and easy. There are four pages and three has an image on them. This is the main reason why the website loads pretty fast. The image size and quality are the same for two of the pages and the third one has a smaller image size. There are no products listed on the site which contributes to a fast-loading website.

Content Order

When viewed on different screen sizes, the flow of the contents remains the same and adjusts perfectly well with the size of the screen. This is proof that the website is responsive which means it was designed to cater to every type of devices available. Add the fact that there is not much content but straightforward information available.

Background Image

The site made use of background image to compensate with the minimalistic content and design of the website. It does not cover the whole site but rather looks like a header image in the process. Overall, it does not affect the loading time of the website.


The fonts used are simple and easy to read. There are no complicated fonts utilized and everything is set in a black and white setting to make sure there is proper contrast between the background and the texts. This makes it easier for visitors to read and get the information they need on the site.


The website made use of only four colours – white, black, grey and orange. The amount of orange used is not overwhelming but rather served as an accent colour. The white is used as a whole background image to emphasize the black texts on the website.

In conclusion, the website Budget Tyres Southport which specializes in tyres on the Gold Coast is effective, easy to use and fast loading. There are no products listed on the site but information on how to get there provided by Google Map and contact information is readily available to customers.

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