Web Design Critique: Boardwalk Catering

Presentation is key to catering. At least that’s what Boardwalk Catering, a wedding caterer in Sydney, believes as based on their website, with a crisp, professional looking website. Though the site’s layout could be considered as a case in putting too many eggs into one basket.

Sporting a black and white colour scheme, the site features fairly verbose text that details what they offer for their customers. The text is fairly lengthy, which can be a bit difficult given that the text size used for most of the site is a bit on the smaller side. There’s also some minor hiccups with the text, with some grammatical errors and the like. Nothing major, nothing that would really take away from the content.

Despite the volume of the text, the site avoids coming across as dull or uninspired, for the most part, at least. It scatters across its pages several images of the events and their catering. These images are eye-catching and visually appealing, and give the site a much needed splash of colour and energy.  They also give visitors a good idea of what to expect form the catering service, which is, of course, a good idea for any business website to have, wedding caterer in Sydney or not.

The rest of the site, however, feels a little barren, in comparison to the images they use. They’re bright, vibrant affairs that have a great sense of presentation, but they stand out quite a bit in comparison to the rest of the site. Most of the site just sports the black and white colour scheme, nothing else. Not even the company logo or the links to Facebook and Instagram, which usually sport their iconic colour scheme.

While the black and white helped make the images stand out, the fact that there’s not even a little splash of colour to help distinguish sections of text within the pages is somewhat monotonous.

In terms of layout and navigation, there isn’t much to complain about the site; its layout is straightforward enough, and fairly convenient. It could use some shortcuts to the top of the page, though, as the sheer number of images of the site does mean some scrolling is needed.

All in all, the site’s images are great, and does great wonders for its presentation, but it clearly invested too much into them, to the detriment  of the other elements.


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