Web Design Critique: Bigfoot Signs Australia

Any company that handles shop signage in Brisbane or anywhere else should understand what proper brand presentation does. If its website is any indication, Bigfoot Signs Australia got the memo.

Sporting a striking orange-white colour scheme, akin to the common imagery many have of a bigfoot, the site has a straightforward layout, with header, followed by banner, followed by body, then the tail. The header has the usual bells and whistles one would expect from a corporate website.

There are links for social media sites, like Facebook and YouTube, and every page sports four image links to the primary offerings of the company; Vehicle Signage, Shopfront, Corporate Branding & Signage, and Merchandise. These image links are present at the top of every page, allowing for easy navigation between the pages on the site.

Speaking of navigation, there’s also contact information and several text boxes for sending messages to the company itself, located on the side on every page. On the main page, they’re on the right side, after the image links, while on the other pages, they’re on the left side. Regardless, these are always easy to spot, requiring no scrolling on the part of the site’s visitor.

At the bottom of every page is the company’s contact details; address, e-mail, phone number and mobile phone numbers. A classic move, putting such details at the bottom of the page, where the people who see will likely be the ones to actually be interested in what the company offers.

In terms of content, the site’s text is good; not long enough to feel boring, not short enough to feel uninformative. The main page’s text is the lengthiest in the site, and is nicely formatted, with highlighted points sporting the Bigfoot orange colour, while the rest of the text is in legible, black font. The other text in the site’s other pages, however is much smaller, which might be a bit problematic for some people. Certain bits of text, like the review, also doesn’t really have much to distinguish it, other than a grey background

The images on the site are good, and well-chosen, demonstrating quite nicely what the company can do when it comes to shop signage in Brisbane, what it can do for customers. Unlike other sites, they’re not so big as to overwhelm the rest of the content in the site. That being said, sometimes they do feel a little small, and clicking on an image to get a good look at it means one has to deal with a bit of loading.

All in all, the site is well-designed, with good elements, though it could use a bit of polish. It knows what it wants to do, and does it well, and only needs a bit of fine tuning.

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