Web Design Critique: Beautiful Structures Australia

“Beautiful, Innovative, Stylish Structures for any Event of Occasion”. These are the first words that’ll greet any visitor to the official website of the firm, Beautiful Structures, a company that event marquee hire in Brisbane and across the AU. If their site is any indication, they made this idea the centrepiece of their web design, though it feels that there’s a lack of colour.

Firstly, the site’s header is plain white, containing all the navigational tools that one would expect from a site header. There’s even a tab that gives contact information from the company. This are links, but you’ll need an app that can handle phone numbers to open it. Not that big of an issue, but it’s still there.

As for the content, the site makes heavy use of visual media, like images and videos. The former usually double as links, so navigation isn’t as problematic as one might think. The visual aids are beautifully chosen; bright, vibrant, pictures that excellently demonstrate what the event marquee hire in Brisbane firm offers to it customers. Notably, the pages are stuffed to the gills with images, so expect quite a fair amount of both scrolling down and loading; slower networks and those using data might have issues with these pages.

As for text, it’s also fairly lengthy, but not overly verbose, which makes them a good break from the images and visual media, which are the real star of the site. They say what they need to say, with minimal fuss; after all, their job is to be flavour text, to compliment the many visual aids.

As for navigation, there are a decent amount of links to other pages on the site. Certain pages have drop down menus for their visual media, accompanied with links, though they’re usually a link to the ‘Contact Us’ page of the site. The site’s header is the same colour of the white as the background, which can make it hard for it to be distinguished from each other. At the bottom of the sites are links to the Contact Us page, which means it’ll likely be seen by people who scroll down, people who’re likely interested in the company’s products, which is generally how these sites move.

As for the site itself, the event marquee hire in Brisbane made a beautiful site, with great images , though they’re a little overly-reliant on them, and, as for layout, it feels somewhat generic at times. The site could use more distinction for themselves, and a bit of polishing.

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