Web Design Critique: Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating

“No painting job too big or too small, commercial or domestic, give us a call…”.

Catchy, isn’t it? That’s the point of any good company website; to get the attention of potential visitors. It’s basically the company saying that they’re a recommended painter, a bold, strong statement that garners attention, something they back up quite well with their website.

First thing people will notice is the little orange widget at the top of the screen, which has links to the company’s Twitter pages, as well as contact details; the company phone number, as well as an option to get a quote from the company. Well worth noting is that these three things are all links, and this widget will always be at the top of the screen, even if the page is scrolled down.

The main widget, which has links to the Home, Services, Quote, About and Contact Info pages, is darkly coloured, helping it stand out amidst the bright colours of the other widget and the primarily waxen background. This is important, as the main widget also scrolls down with the page, alongside the topmost widget. These two make navigating through the site rather convenient, giving visitors to the site options for quotes and getting to the other pages they might be interested in.

For the Home Page, the About Us Page and the Contact Us page, there are images that precede the main body of content. These images are simple, straightforward, and they, like the slogan, are the company’s way of saying that they’re a recommended painter, one worth hiring. Other pages don’t have images preceding the main body, but the few pages that do have a good image that’s relevant to the content; the Contact Us page, for example, has an image of the company’s location in Google Maps.

The main body of text is well constructed; the initial statement in every page is bigger than the rest of the text making it easier to notice, while the main text itself is just the right size; not too small to be illegible and not too big to be wasteful. A few images accompany the text, helping with the feel and delivery of the content, and giving that needed occasional splash of colour without feeling intrusive or overwhelming the rest of the content.

The other pages have a navigation tab that appears on the side of the pages, which allow for easy navigation, even without the widget. Beneath that is more contact information about the company, like location, contact numbers and the like.

All in all,  the site is well-designed, well-constructed, with a good choice of colors and design. These attributes are the kind of things one would expect a design and decoration company to be meticulous about.

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