Web Design Critique: Amber Tiles

When it comes to furnishings, presentation and aesthetics is key, and it’s something the Amber Tiles and its website, https://www.ambertiles.com.au/, does fairly well with both. A straightforward page aimed at getting customers to buy furnishings and floor tiles online, with a simple white and orange colour scheme.

First off one thing you’ll see when you visit the site is the main bar, which has the things you would expect from the main bar, links to home page, info about the company, new offers, contact details and other things. To the left of the bar, has the link to your favourites, as well as the search bar. This bar is also constantly visible as one scroll downs the page, with the logo even shrinking in a clean animation.

Where the site begins to get interesting is what immediately comes after that; the header. The header, bold and large, shows what the company has on offer; the latest offers, promos and products, which pretty much saves any visitor the time of having to scroll around and actually look for the latest offers, which anyone looking to buy floor tiles online will find very handy.

This is a first taste of the site’s good use of visual aids. From pictures, to slideshows, even some videos, which is something the site follows throughout its many pages. For example, immediately after the header, you’ll see image links to its blog, alongside it’s visualizer function.

The visualizer, powered by visualizerit, is a useful browser tool that lets people, well, visualize on the design of a room in their house. There are pre-prepared presets, but users can also upload an image of one of the rooms in their house and work with that. It’s a very useful tool, one that manages to pack up the sites’ design philosophy; excellent use of visual aids.

The white-orange colour scheme works well, with splashes of colours from the images and the other visual aids, but there is an issue with it. There isn’t anything separating sections and sections of text other than the sections of text and images themselves, with some pages sporting a broken orange line to help distinguish with each post. But, in places where the images don’t cover the background, you can see that there’s nothing else providing colour in the page.  The white background is only more noticeable thanks to the fact that the site rarely uses actual black text, as it tends to use dark grey, which can be problematic.

The site also ends with the links to their Instagram posts, which is a nice touch. Overall, the site is well-designed with good aesthetics, though, as one might expect with a new room, can feel a little overwhelming at times. If you’re visiting the site, expect a convenient site, as long as your internet isn’t adverse to loading a lot of visual media.


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