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Web Design Critique: All Trees Perth

All Trees Perth is a company that specializes in domestic and commercial tree services. Locals who are looking for a company that offers Perth tree service should contact them through their or call them at 0403 911 934. Today we are going to critique All Trees Perth website. Upon landing at the homepage, customers will be greeted with an introduction to the company, their services and the vision of the company.

Home Page

The home page does not contain a lot of images but it is loaded with texts. On top of the page is the logo of the company with its name. Right after the logo is a header image with animation. It contains a number of images highlighting what the company does. The body of the home page is mostly texts on a white background. While it may be a good idea to provide information to visitors, too much text can discourage them from reading. Not everyone has the time to read all the contents. Below is an embedded video about the company and a list of services with accompanying icons. Overall, the home page is simple with readable texts. Loading time is also very fast.

Color Scheme

The company’s logo used green and black colors and the same palette is incorporated in the entire website. The contact number at the top of the page is in shade of green with black background which made it stand out and easy to see. The titles of the texts are in green on white background which can be a bit bright but the body texts are all black with white background which makes it readable.

Call to Action

There is a call to action button that says “Get free quote” located at the homepage. It travels as the reader scrolls down the page. It is a good strategy as the user will more likely see the button as it travels along the page which will prompt them to click it.

Overall, the website of All Trees Perth is simple and easy to navigate but the home page could use fewer texts so as not to overwhelm the readers who are scouting for companies that can provide Perth tree service.

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