Web Design Critique: Accountancy Insurance

About Accountancy Insurance

The company was established in 2003 with aim to provide insurance coverage such as chartered accountant insurance for accounting firms that are publicly practicing. The company is a member of the National Tax Affiliate of CPA Australia, The Tax Institute and the Alliance Partner of CA ANZ. Currently, they are in partnership with over 3,000 accounting firms in Australia as well as New Zealand. Today we are going to critique its website located at www.accountancyinsurance.com.au.

Loading and Content. The loading time of the website’s homepage is quite fast. There are no lags in loading all the contents such as images and texts. The content of the homepage is straightforward with a professional tone. The texts are just enough to let you know about the website and what it does.

Navigation. The website is easy to navigate. There are link at the top of the page that points to the subpages including Home, About, Products & Services, Events, Publications, Professional Associations and Contact Us. Some of these have a drop down menu as they are subdivided into categories or topics. A search bar is located at the top of the homepage for those searching for specific keywords or topics.

Colour and Font. The website’s colour scheme is similar to the logo of the company – lavender with a hint of blue. It blends well with the white background used all over the site. The fonts used are professional looking and readable. The colours complement the site for easy reading on the user’s part.

Search Engine Ranking. The website is on top of the list when you use search engine to and enter the keywords “accountant insurance Australia”. Ranking on top search engines such as Google is important because it helps drive traffic to the site and increases the possibility of landing clients.

Overall, the website of Accountancy Insurance is reliable, fast and easy to navigate. It answers the need of professionals looking for chartered accountant insurance as it has a clear purpose and the contents are straightforward. The layout was done well to relay a professional vibe to the clients visiting the website.

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