Web Design Critique: Academy Supply

Spaces that allow learning to happen. A fairly straightforward slogan that says a lot about what Academy Supply is about; selling school classroom furniture and related products and services. Behind these words are images of an educational institution, with nice layouts, as well as images of people talking about design. Right off the bat, the site presents itself in a straightforward manner.

The site features a white-light blue colour scheme, which comes across as both professional and friendly. That’s a good thing, as one of the services on offer from the company is designing the layout of the school classroom furniture of their customers, which needs both professionalism and amiability.  To help with concerns, there’s also a chat function, accessible via a pink link that’s always visible on the lower right side of the screen. Again, good choice of colour.

Above the fold are the standard key features like product listings, special offers, info about the company, as well as the options for account management.  If you decide to look at the product listings, you’ll also see the products available as well as the variants available. They’re in big images that are pretty hard to miss, especially since their bright, vibrant hues clash well with the white background. This trend is present across the rest of the site, which uses images and other visual aids very well, with pictures and slideshows conveying the proper imagery.

The primary issues, however, lies with the text. The text is either dark green, for larger text and link text, or grey, for the main text. This means that the text either clashes with the other elements in the site’s design, or doesn’t really stand out. Grey text is professional, looking, but the colour is very much like slate, which can be hard to distinguish from the white background, especially since all the text has no images accompanying it.

The images that work so well communicating what the school classroom furniture sales company has does have a bit of a caveat; they’re big. Now, them being big isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there’s so many photos that this means that the sites demand a lot of scrolling down for visitors.

Overall, a well-designed, straightforwardly designed page, with an objective that it cleanly focuses on. A bit more colour and/or contrast with the text and smaller imagery, however, could do a lot for it.


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