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Web Design (Critique): Absolute Party Hire

For this article, we are going to critique the website by Absolute Party Hire located at http://absolutepartyhire.com.au/. The company is based in Sydney and they offer a wide range of products and equipment that can be hired for various parties, functions and events. Locals looking for a marquee hire in Sydney will be able to book one from the company. Let us now peruse the company’s website.

  • Upon landing on the homepage, the first thing visitors will notice is the large company name on top of the website along with their logo that represents a marquee, which may be their most feature product. A large image banner is used on the site to highlight what the company offers in one glance.
  • The next section as you scroll down highlights the party hire products available with accompanying image. The same image size and quality is used all throughout the list and it contributed to the fast performance of the website.
  • Opening the site on a mobile application does not affect the order of the content thus we can deduce that the website follows the responsive design technique.
  • Next to the product list is short and brief information regarding the company, Absolute Party Hire. This is important as not every visitor has the time to read paragraph after paragraph of content. The spacing and font used is also ideal for easy reading.
  • At the bottom of the page are complete details on how to contact the company including the phone number, fax number, email, showroom address and visiting hours.
  • They listed their products once more at the bottom, this time without the images. This is a good thing because visitors don’t have to scroll back up in order to view the list once more as the link is already provided.
  • The very last detail is a call to action form that encourages visitors to enter their email address to get “occasional” updates. The word occasional is considered essential as not everyone would appreciate to get daily updates of the same products, such as marquee hire in Sydney, and services over and over again. When this happens, the emails are bordering spam-level and would trigger subscribers to unsubscribe.

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