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Web Design Critique: ABC Pest Control

ABC Pest Control is a company specializing in pest control in Sydney which caters to both residential and commercial properties. The company offers packages for those who wanted to save money while getting the service they need. They have a package that can treat a maximum of 15 pests which helps the homeowners save up to $200. Today we are going to critic their website at www.abcpestcontrolsydney.com.au which list their services and contact information.

Searchability. When you search online using the Google search engine and the keywords “pest control Sydney”, the company’s website is included in the first page which is a high ranking. This is important for businesses because research shows that online users looking for products and services will only look at the first page.

Usability. The website is easy to use and first time users will not be confused on how to get around. All the links are working and all of the pages are fast loading. This is a good advantage for a business website because customers are more likely to stay longer. The homepage contains important information such as the services provided by the company, the pests they can treat and the packages they offer to clients.

Navigation. A navigation bar is located at the top part of the page. Users can easily visit the pages they are looking for. Each pest has a dedicated page with information regarding the pests and how to treat them or prevent their infestation. When viewed in mobile, the navigation menu transforms into a hamburger menu which drops down choices when clicked.

Design. The website’s design is simple with a white background. The colours used are mostly light blue and dark red which complements one another. There are many texts in each page but the site does not look crowded because of the simple background.

Content. The content of the website of ABC pest control in Sydney is relevant to the services they are offering. Visitors get to learn more about different pests, how to prevent infestation and how to treat them. There is a page dedicated to a map to show the areas covered by their pest control services.

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