Web Critique: Brisbane Plumbing And Gas

About Brisbane Plumbing and Gas

Brisbane Plumbing and Gas is a plumbing services company that started its business in 2005. It is continuously providing excellent plumbing services across the areas of Brisbane and Ipswich.

Searchability. The website appears on the first page of the Google search results when searching for the keywords “Brisbane plumbers” which is indicative that the website is popular. It could have been better if it appeared first on the list, however, being on the first page is already a good thing.

Usability. The website is complete with all the necessary information that a customer needs about plumbing services. It is user-friendly and currently updated.

Navigation. The menu is arranged horizontally at the top of the page with drop-down menus for some pages. There are some drop down topics, though that are not found as you scroll down on the home page showing only some of the services in the drop-down menus. Thus, it better to use the main menu with the drop-down topics for easy reference.

Design and layout. The design of the website is skilfully developed with attractive bright colours. There are written testimonials as well as video testimonials that arouse the interest and curiosity of the online user. A map can be seen on every page as you scroll down which makes it easier for users to locate the branches that are accessible to them. Various guarantee seals are postedon each page as well as their accredited suppliers to support the reputation of the company. There is also a calculator provided at the home page to help the user compare the running costs of various heaters. The photos are clear and give the users a good idea of the company’s expertise.

Contents. The website of Brisbane Plumbing and Gas which offers different plumbing services is very informative and useful. It is full of details about plumbing services that people need to know whenever they need the services of the company. The free report on the tips on how to reduce your energy bills is helpful to users. The contact field provided where you can write your message is a good way for the company to establish a contact list of prospective customers.

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