Ways That Online Reviews Help SEO

Online reviews are more powerful than ever. Not only do they help with persuading potential customers to patronize your offerings, but they also make you, and your brand more attractive for search engines.

Here are a few ways that online reviews help with SEO.


Customers can be content creators, all thanks to reviews.

Reviews aren’t just feedback, though they’re great for that. Reviews are also content, and that’s how Google and other search engines see them. Every time a customer drops a review on your site, it’s content for search engines to crawl through, which then helps them know and rank your site better.


Search engines, Google especially, trust reviews, because they tell the online space that the thing they’re reviewing, whether a site, product, or business, is of high quality and value.

Google works to offer the best experience for users, which is why it prefers businesses with a lot of quality reviews.


Google can be a bit unclear with its criteria for ranking sites. It’s a bit clearer when it comes to reviews, with its Support pages for My Business recommending that business responds to reviews about their business, which show that they value the feedback of customers, which does a good job of creating content, and discussion while letting people know that they’re an expert.

Local businesses

Reviews are useful for businesses’ SEO, but they’re particularly useful for local businesses.

Local business reviews have less information than standard listings, generally lacking meta descriptions, which means the reviews themselves are a good indicator of quality for search engines. Good reviews are particularly good at making local businesses stand out from its competition, which is why smaller businesses pay more attention to king kong SEO reviews and the like.


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