The Movement Of Goods Between The USA And Canada

A number of industries in both the USA and Canada are dependent on the cross-border movements of raw materials and the efficient delivery of finished goods to the market. Approximately, 84% of all goods that are traded between the two countries move through land transport modes with almost 54% transported through cross-border trucking.

Autos and automotive parts comprise the top US exports to and second largest imports from Canada. The major US exports include machineries for agriculture and construction, computer equipment, machineries for general purposes, aerospace products, and parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medicines, iron and steel, and precision instruments.

Meanwhile, US primary imports from Canada aside from products for the automotive sector consist of natural gas, petroleum products and electricity, pulp, paperboard and paperboard mill products, aerospace products and parts, non-ferrous metals, and basic chemicals. The top imports and exports of the USA and Canada demonstrate the important economic relationship between both countries.

Millions of trucks from the United States enter Canada at one of the 124 port of entries. The trucks are registered in either the United States or Canada. The ports of entry of cross-border trucks include the major regional border crossings and the small and remote points of entry that play critical roles for the local communities. Lower truck volumes enter small and remote points of entry in the regions of Quebec, Atlantic, and New England.

Rail also plays a very important role in cross-border trade. All the US states except for Hawaii use rail to move goods between the USA and Canada. The ports that have the highest value in the cross-border rail trade include Sarnia-Port Huron, Windsor-Detroit, Fort Frances-International Falls, and the Niagara Region.

However, congestion remains a serious problem at the Canada-USA land border crossings. The problem has severely affected the ability of companies to efficiently and quickly move goods across the border.

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