Some Reasons Why A Site Doesn’t Rank Well

With how many people turn to search engines like Google and Yahoo to find the things they’re looking for, it’s no surprise that ranking well on search engines is important for any business looking to develop or grow.  

There are plenty of factors that go into a site’s search engine ranking which means that   are places where things can fall apart. Here are some potential reasons as to why a site isn’t ranking well.

Being too slow

One of the biggest reasons for a site not ranking on search engines is having a slow load time. Worse is that slow load times are also one of the biggest reason why people leave such sites without really engaging with it.

Google recently made user experience a ranking signal, and one of the big factors of user experience? Speed; every second of the site spent loading is potentially a visitor lost to other, faster sites.

Not being mobile friendly

With how many people use their mobile devices to go online, it’s no surprise that mobile friendliness is now such a key factor in search engine ranking algorithms.

Mobile friendly sites are responsive, have legible content, and easy-to-interact with buttons and UI regardless of the user’s platform of choice. Neglecting the mobile market is a big no-no for any site.


There are two protocols in use on the internet for sending data to and from a site; HTTP and HTTPS. HTTPS is the secure one.

These days, with user security and privacy being hot topics, HTTPS is pretty much mandatory for any site looking to get a decent king kong SEO review and rank well on search engines.

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