“Safe Roads Alberta” Gets Drunk Drivers Off The Road Quickly

DUI is a serious offense that can impact your future life and employment. Donich Law will advise you to hire a lawyer who is focused on defending drunk drivers to avoid the serious consequences associated with a conviction. Expert representation is provided to law-abiding citizens without criminal records but are confronted with allegations of impaired driving.

Alberta’s new drunk driving penalties took effect last December 1, 2020. Roadside fines could be as high as $2,000 with 15-month driving suspension and 30-day vehicle seizure at the time of offense at the roadside. Alberta is introducing new zero-tolerance consequences for novice drivers as well as commercial drivers while repeat offenders must complete educational courses. A breath alcohol ignition interlock will also be installed on the vehicles of repeat offenders.

Under the new program “Safe Roads Alberta” persons caught for impaired driving will be able to handle their cases faster outside the court. Drivers will be allowed to pay fines online, makes requests for an extension in paying fines and dispute roadside sanctions or vehicle seizures.

Impaired driving is probably one of the most litigious matters in the court system. Officers are usually tied up in court for hours in impaired driving investigations. The new legislation can save lives because it gets drunk drivers off the roads very quickly to reduce deaths and injuries due to alcohol-related crashers.

First-time offenders can expect the financial outcome to be similar to what they get on the criminal side but without a criminal record. Safe Roads Alberta delivers a fast and more efficient process to pay fines for first-time impaired driving charges. Once the police confirm that a driver is impaired, the vehicles can be seized and the driver’s license suspended. The courts will no longer be inundated with these types of offenses that can take forever to resolve.

According to Donich Law, charges for DUI are challenging to defend because the more sophisticated breathalyzers and roadside screening devices that police use. Expert legal representation is critical to achieve the best results and secure a full acquittal. Lawyers have complete understanding of the elements of a criminal offense to resolve the matter without conviction.

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