Primary Categories Of Criminal Offenses

There can be a number of crimes but criminal acts come in primary categories. Read on.

  • Personal Crimes – Personal crimes are crimes that harm another person physically and mentally. They come in two categories: 1) forms of homicide and 2) other violent crimes. Physical harm can cause death and the defendant may be charged with any of the types of homicide, which are first-degree murder, vehicular homicide, etc. Violent crimes are also severe and these include rape and statutory rape, arson, assault, domestic abuse, child abuse, and kidnapping.
  • Property Crimes – Property crimes happen when property of another is intruded. Just like personal crimes, they may also result in physical and mental harm to the victim. However, their primary result is that the victim is deprived of the use or enjoyment of his/her property. Examples of property crimes are burglary, robbery, and motor vehicle theft. If you are accused of this crime, is a reliable law firm where you can ask for help.
  • Inchoate Crimes – When a crime is initiated but not finished, it is called inchoate crime. The acts of this crime assist in order for another crime to be done. The person should do a substantial step for a crime to be completed so that he will be found guilty. Examples of inchoate crimes are aiding and abetting, attempt, and conspiracy. In other cases, defendants may get the same degree of punishment of the underlying crime, while some are less severe.
  • Statutory Crimes – Statutory crimes are crimes that statute prescribes. These come in significant types: 1) Alcohol related crimes; 2) drug crimes; 3) traffic offenses; and 4) financial or white collar crimes. Statute prohibits these crimes because society wants to prevent individuals from doing such acts.
  • Financial and Others Crimes – Financial crimes happen when there is deception or fraud to gain money. The term white-collar crimes may be derived from corporate officers who were historically perpetrators, but any individual can commit a white-collar crime regardless of industry and position. Examples of these crimes are fraud and blackmail; tax evasion; embezzlement and money laundering; and cybercrime. You may visit to learn more.

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