Critique – Paper Mart

First Impression

My first impression of PaperMart is its simplicity, no confusing designs and no clutter. It has easy to read large navigation buttons that will not be missed by a visitor. It looks aesthetically beautiful with all those clear and attractive images of packaging styles that focus on the coming holidays. Search for products is easy because of those buttons that you simply need to click on.


Navigation is simple and a visitor will gain a good quality experience. It is very easy to convert visitors into buyers because the landing page has been carefully engineered to do so. Menus are simple enough and with all the necessary features that will tell the visitor what to do next. The website is well organized and suitable for visitors who lack the patience to start learning how the website operates. Everything is clear and concise and all that the visitor needs to do is click on a button.

For example, if you are looking for ribbons, you only need to click at the button with the large-sized words “RIBBON” and you can take a pick from all the different kinds of ribbons offered. You can easily choose the theme you want because the site has themes for almost all occasions and events. I could not find fault with navigation because I was able to locate different products in seconds.


The site has a distinct, easily recognizable purpose which is reinforced through the site. It is clearly obvious to visitors what they should do and what the site wants them to do – purchase an item/s from the large selection presented. Does the site look like it has been created for search engines? No, the site has been created specifically for human consumers and not the spiders of search engines. The site has substantial and interesting visual content that is attractive to viewers. It is a good strategy for the web designer to use Christmas packaging as the focal point of the landing page. It looks like the content is being frequently updated. And before I forget, the site has the important logos that prove its credibility.

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