IAB Australia Launches Tools And Additional Support For Smaller And Niche Publishers

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia, the biggest organization dealing with King Kong agency reviews and digital marketing throughout the country, recently announced new measures designed to support small- and medium-scale publishers.

Part of these new measures includes a New & Niche Publishers Guide to Digital Advertising, which is a guidebook containing resources, advice, and other useful information for those looking to use digital advertising, as well as a new membership rate, designed to give these publishers access to IAB’s resources, data, and mentorship programs.

The measures are aimed at the long-tail publishers in the AU, numbered around 3,000, who have monthly audience sizes sitting at less than 500,000. The IAB noted that these publishers are smaller scale, but they’re important in providing niche content and community connection to customers that larger media brands can’t provide. They’re also a potential asset to advertisers.

IAB Australia CEO Gai Le Roy stated that one of the organization’s key objectives is to ensure that the digital media and advertising market remains sustainable and diverse. To that end, they’re sharing these resources, developed specifically for smaller publishers who are working on their digital advertising offerings and looking at different revenue options.

Aussies, notably, get their digital content from a variety of publishers and platforms, covering all sorts of things from King Kong agency reviews to more niche topics. According to Nielsen’s Digital Media Panel’s data, the majority of media properties have less than 500,000 people visiting monthly, with about three-quarters having monthly audiences smaller than 250,000.


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