Google’s Political Ad Transparency Report Headed To The AU

More and more people are putting their King Kong marketing review with calls for transparency, as customer demand for transparency and visibility grows across the world.

To that end, Google is bringing its political ad reporting program to the AU, letting people there see how much money political parties spend to reach them with ads on Google and its affiliates, like YouTube. This will bring greater transparency to online campaigns are run, including how big ad expenditures are.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the development, saying that they’re working on getting the system, which has been operating in the US since 2018, running by early 2021.

Political communication experts in the AU talked about the development, saying that they expect that Google’s system will be useful for journalists, academics, and the like for those looking to get a good look at political ad spending.

La Trobe University’s Andrea Carson, a political communication expert, said that it’s good that Google is bringing their system in, though she notes that it would’ve been good if they brought it over earlier.

Australia’s digital ad market is a bit different from the US’. While something like King Kong marketing review is transparent, political ads are a bit different. Parties in the AU aren’t legally required to disclose their records of ad spending, with market research companies like Nielsen left to pick up the slack.

Online ads can’t be tracked properly, with their highly variable costs kept hidden, which amount to tens of millions of dollars. Estimates, however, say that online political ads account for half of political ad parties’ ad budgets.


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