How To Conquer Your Fears On Your First Blog

The advent of the internet has allowed Real housewives in Orange County a steady source of income. There are stay-at-home housewives who have certain specializations in niche areas like baking, cooking, handmade crafts and gardening and their products are offered online to gain a substantial income. Another option for Real housewives in Orange County is blogging which even the most inexperienced can learn in a few days.

How to conquer your fears over your first blog post

The first blog is never easy; believe me because I have been through that experience. There is a lot of pressure while writing the first blog because you want it to be read and appreciated. However, have no fear since 77% of internet users read blogs with 46% of people reading blogs more than once a day. Here are some helpful tricks to overcome your fears:

  1. Focus on your target audience – for your first blog you can write all about the Real Housewives of Orange County. What information will these housewives be interested to know? Search the internet for blogs that has been “most read” and “most commented” on to get an idea on how you will proceed with your first blog post.


  1. Think about an interesting topic – write about what you know best. If you are quite good with baking, you can provide your audience with tips on how to bake the most delicious chocolate cake. If cooking is the niche where you excel, write about process of cooking pot roast. I bet you that you won’t be lacking for any readers to your blog posts.


  1. Start the writing process – make sure there is a dedicated space in your home where you won’t be distracted. Start with something you know like Microsoft Word which ensures that you won’t accidentally post a blog that is not completely ready for publication. Give due attention to the title; make it catchy and exciting because it is the first thing that people will see in your blog.

Don’t be afraid of errors; after all you can edit what you have written when you proofread your blog. By edit, it means checking for grammatical errors, wrong spellings and removing whatever useless stuff has cluttered the blog.


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