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Web Design Critique: Memorial Urns Australia

Feeling comfortable when discussing a matter as delicate as death is no easy task, though it seems one that Memorial Urns Australia hopes to achieve with the design of its website. As the name implies, the company sells cremation urns in the AU, something it makes very clear with its …

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Reasons Why Should Plan With Funeral Directors In Sydney

You can never tell when a loved one’s life ends. Although it is sad, it is a reality that must be accepted. While death cannot always be cheated, you can prepare for it to lessen its psychological, emotional and financial impact. There is nothing wrong with preparing for something which …

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Web Design Critique: Greenfields Funerals

The website that’s being reviewed is a website that specializes in funerals, Greenfield Funerals. We will take a detailed and through look at the website’s elements, its design scheme, and its overall look and feel. The website will be viewed by people who have either lost their loved ones, or …

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