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Best Season To Visit Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam. The city is popular for its beautiful temples and gardens and also the traces of western architecture left behind as witness to the turbulent past of the country.

It is essential to have an idea about the seasons in Saigon before planning a trip to the city. Though the city enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, there are two distinct season experienced by the city. Tourists planning a trip to the city can stay at a luxury hotel in Saigon and enjoy the pleasant weather.

Dry season

Saigon experiences dry season from December to April. This is the best season to visit Saigon. Most of the festivals like Christmas, New Year and the lunar new year of Vietnam – Tet are celebrated during this period. Tourists can enjoy the festivities and experience the local culture, if they visit the city during Tet. The Lunar New Year falls between late January and early February and is celebrated with much pomp and grandeur. Most of the shops and restaurants are closed during the Tet festivities. However, tourists wishing to experience the celebrations can book their stay at a luxury hotel in Saigon and enjoy the festivities.

Monsoon season

The city experiences monsoon season from May to November. Saigon experiences tropical storms during this season and the humidity is very high. Saigon does not experience continuous rains, the rain spells are interspersed with sun shine. Monsoon season is the best time to visit the city, if you want to enjoy a stay at luxury hotel in Saigon at cheap prices. Rainy season is off season in the city and most of the hotels offer promotional packages and discounts for the visitors. The flight tickets are also cheap during the off season and tourists can enjoy the attractions without the maddening tourist rush.

Vietnam has many public holidays during the monsoon season. Most of the restaurants and shops are closed during these holidays. Tourists visiting Saigon during the public holidays can enjoy the world class amenities at their luxury hotel in Saigon and relax at the spa of the hotel. Some of the public holidays during monsoon season are reunification day on April 30, May Day on May 1 and Vietnam National day on September 2.

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