Critique #1 – Asos Fashion Finder

First Impression

Fashion site Asos is a nice site but it somehow lacks a bit more excitement and color. The site relies so much on the white background making the texts readable and user friendly. Use of white space is effective for most websites but while the generous use of white space makes the website look unique, it is not so interesting because there is so much breathing room for its contents. The overlook look of the site is not cluttered because the images are properly organized; however there is room for improvement to achieve a combination of glamour and vitality. Yes indeed, what the site lacks a bit is vitality and pizzazz.



Start from the top until you reach the bottom and the first thing you will notice is the way the images have been organized. It looks really friendly but it cannot be described as outstanding or impressive. The site is actually simple and down to earth meaning that the site leads you to where it wants to you go – to make a choice from the fashionable clothes that the models wear.



My overall impression of the site is it has been created with the customer in mind. Its simplicity makes it user friendly because a customer can easily navigate her way into the page without the need for technical skills. There is nothing outstanding about the navigation bar and as you scroll down you view the models in the fashionable clothes. Extremely functional but again it lacks excitement – there is no surprise element.


Page design

As you scroll down the page, you will find lots of white background however, it provides continuity. While page design cannot be described as great in terms of aesthetics, it is easy on the eyes because there are no glaring and bold colors. A user will never get lost in this site.

Thumbs up for the website developer who used responsive design for the site. I noticed how well the site has adopted to my Android phone. There was no change on the layout of the site between my laptop and mobile phone. Overall, good work!

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