Barara Lord
Barara Lord – Founder, The Graphics Groove

Barbara Lord started The Graphics Groove together with a team of web design experts who know their way around all the technicalities behind web designing. The team comprises of excellent and creative people who all have their individual tastes and specialties in web design. And basing on those specialties, they provide reviews and critiques on different websites that are either using bad or good web designing skills.


After being in the industry for years, The Graphics Groove can fully rely on three important aspects in web designing when it comes to their critiques and reviews and those are:



Originality is the mother of the craft. Your web designs are best when you add a part of yourself in the design. And this is what The Graphics Groove hold as an important aspect in web designing. Featuring different websites that have originality beyond compare in this field, The Graphics Groove does not only criticize designs of websites but also gives compliment when it is due.




Web design can never exist without creativity. And while you can go all wild with your patterns, shapes, themes, and concepts, there are certain rules that can guide you in capturing the taste of the people. The Graphics Groove also provides information on ‘do’s and don’ts’ in web design from simple color combinations to contrasts.




With the wildness of originality and creativity, simplicity evens out everything. From easy navigation system to effective calls to action buttons, this aspect will be important in making a website look more elegant and pleasing to the eye. The Graphics Groove helps people to know how to simplify the user’s interface and what the people will love to use.


With these three basic foundations, The Graphics Groove provides a well-rounded informative editorials and critiques on websites that you should and should not copy. And years in the industry has proven to be very effective for them in figuring these things out.