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A Look At Seek.com.au

If someone is looking for a plasterer in Sydney, or any tradie, anywhere in the country, odds are they have either heard about, or used seek.com.au. Based in Melbourne, SEEK or more accurately, Seek Limited, is a site whose purpose is to connect consumers with the service worker they’re looking for.

Evidently, this also means it is a place for people like tradies to find some honest work in their area of choice. Basically, it’s like online classified ads, but SEEK is notable in that it boasts itself as Australia’s best, which is a lofty thing to say. One thing that SEEK.com.au does get across is that, it gets the job done, nothing more, nothing less.

Seek.com.au is utterly utilitarian, in the best way possible. The site carries itself with a level of sheer, unbridled professionalism that would impress anyone. Going through the pages, there isn’t anything unnecessary; no ads, no pop-ups, nothing that would remove attention from the job listings on the site.

Even the site’s colour scheme adheres to this simple professionalism, with a classic, cool, cobalt blue & white colour scheme like a sort of fancy office suit. Any visitor to the site will only likely see one image in the site, and that’s the promotion for a SEEK profile, designed to make finding job opportunities easier. That’s it.

The site, as mentioned before, is utilitarian. First thing on the page are the tabs for jobs, courses, businesses for sale and volunteering, with a selection of regions (AU/NZ), then the site header, a simple white arrow and the words SEEK in all-caps, alongside the login menu and the link to the cleverly named  employer sister site, SEEK talent.

Immediately following that, are 4 additional tabs: Job Search, $150K+ Jobs, Profile, Company Review, and, finally Advice & Tips. Little explanation needs to be given to what each tab contains because, as with the rest of the site, it does what it does, as simple and as efficiently as possible.

SEEK.com.au, is a touch dull, admittedly, but anyone who visits the site isn’t there for pretty pictures. They’re there for jobs; maybe to find a plasterer in Sydney, and the site delivers, no muss no fuss. Simple as that.

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