7 Trucking Essentials Titan Transline Provide To Truckers

Being a trucking company, such as Titan Transline, it is important to provide the right gears and equipment to truckers and to advise them of the right items to bring for their own safety and protection. So here are some of the trucking essentials that truck drivers should have before hitting the road:

  1. Extra clothes. Some of the right apparel to bring are jacket, comfortable working clothes such as t-shirts, shorts and button-up shirts, extra underwear, off-duty clothes and shoes.
  2. Safety apparel. Although this depends on where you are headed and the type of cargoes you are delivering or taking, it would be best to take with you a hard hat, safety googles, work boots that are suitable for winter, coveralls and work gloves.
  3. Weather protection. If you will work at Titan Transline, you will be advised to wear eye protection against glare and UV rays. There are polarized sunglasses with transition lenses. You will also be advised to take with you a raincoat to protect you against the rain or light snow.
  4. Hygiene kit. Driving trucks mean living on the road for several days, especially if you would be driving across borders. It would be best if you have a hygiene kit with you so you can stay clean and healthy wherever you happen to stay overnight. Hygiene kits usually contain toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, comb, dental floss, mouthwash, deodorant, and you can also take your pills with you for your vitamins or prescription drugs perhaps.
  5. Shower kit. Of course you also need to include a shower kit containing a bar soap, shampoo, conditioner and other items you need when taking a bath.
  6. Communication gadgets. Don’t forget to bring your mobile phone with you and a charger that works in your truck. A map and GPS system are also essentials for Titan Transline truckers to ensure that you will not get lost while on the road.
  7. Emergency/First Aid kit. You never know when to hit an accident so it would be best to take with you an emergency kit with medicines, food and water, flashlight, bandage and similar supplies.

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